Matching Gifts

Increase Your Impact

Your contribution to KPBS may be doubled! Many local and national companies will match the charitable contributions of their current and retired employees. Most companies match dollar-for-dollar, or even double, the donations of their employees. Some also match the donations of spouses, former employees or other family members, as well as the volunteer hours employees commit to KPBS. It all depends on the companies’ involvement and matching gift policy.

It’s as easy as filling out your company’s Matching Gift form, available from your employer’s personnel office.

Does Your Company Offer Matches?

Search the listing below to see if your company is a matching gift company. Or check with your personnel office.

How to Submit Your Matching Gift

Fill out your company's Matching Gifts form with the information about your donation to KPBS, mail the completed form to us and we’ll take care of the rest!

For more information about enhancing your Membership donation with a matching gift, please call our Audience and Membership Services Department at 619-594-6983 or email us at Thank you for enhancing your membership support!